I Hate Goodbyes

Today’s post is a special one. It’s for the editors over at Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine.

(Hi guys!)


Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine is ceasing publication.

The news was announced over a week ago by their publishing company to the magazine contributors who had projects pending for some upcoming issues that will no longer be published. (The last digital issue will be the February issue, while the last printed special issue will be the upcoming photo pocket special issue.)

Obviously, contributors are bummed.

I am too. But I’m bummed mostly for the editors who have worked so hard to bring the magazine to all of us. They are losing their jobs, and that just bites.

I have had a pretty incredible ride as one of the magazine’s Go-to Gals and Contributing Editors, and I’ve gotten to know each of these folks (those who are there and those who moved on) quite well. Each of them are people I respect and admire… and consider to be friends. (Yeah, man. Holly, Stacy, Kerri, Susan and Jennifer, you are NEVER ever getting away. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know where you live. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding, of course… or am I? But I digress.)

I will be forever thankful to each of you editors for the opportunity to be one of the Go-to Gals.

Being a Go-to Gal has been one of those most awesome things I never imagined myself doing. From designing for the magazine to developing classes to helping figure out features (and giving feedback about what did or didn’t work each issue) to teaching (and even putting together some dang videos), it has been great experience.  And, gosh, how about that cruise I got to teach on!!?! Yeah, that was cool.

Thank you, editors, for all of it. You have pushed, challenged and changed me.

I have often stepped back and thought to myself, “I really like these people and really enjoy working with them.”

And so I stayed with it all these years. So there you go.

The card above pretty much describes how I feel about each of you.

Thank you, guys.

And one more thing.

Jennifer, thank you for giving the Go-to Gals another year in our term.

You are right. Our team just clicked. It was the right mix. Laina completed us

While I am sad we won’t get to have another Ed. Board meeting, I’m happy that there were no sad memories to take with us from what was originally supposed to be our last Ed. Board meeting together.

(Hold on for a second. It’s 11 p.m. and I’m feeling a toast coming on.)

“Hooray! No Go-to Gal try-outs! We get to do it another year! YAY!” 😉

So even though that’s not happening now, it’s OK. There are only happy, smile-worthy memories!

By the way, be sure to check out the blogs of the rest of the team:

Until next time. (XO.)

14 thoughts on “I Hate Goodbyes

  1. Teri, I bummed about this too! You were so fortunate to have such a unique working experience, I’m sure one you will never forget. Here is a toast to best wishes to you and I hope you find something you love just as much!

  2. So glad for all the yrs of fab publications. So sad that it is coming to an end. Sorry to see you gals go (PC&S) but I am sure there will be more opportunities around the bend. Research shows that over $1 billion dollars per yr are spent on paper crafting so surely there is more to come. YOU, TERI are a FABULOUS and FEARLESS designer! I LOVE your stuff, as do MANY others. I have this “feeling” you will be in the industry for a long, long time to come. Til you’re “old and gray” and 89, scootin’ around on an electric card. Hee! CHEERS to all for a job well-done! Best of luck and hope for more GREAT adventures and GROWTH! Huggles, Gabby

  3. Ack! 😦 😦 :(. I too know that there will be nothing like PC & S again and it saddens me so. A publication so well done-in EVERY way! SUCH great people behind it all too. 🙂 double ack bc of lost jobs. Ugly :(. Your go-to-gal goodness has always been one of the highlights to me Teri. Your style & talent, well, rocks! You’ll continue creating awesome, I know, but I will greatly miss all the PC&S AWESOME too :(. Great card to share for such 🙂

  4. Here’s to all of it. It’s been pretty epic. Plus, I got to work with one of my crafty heroes. . .and now, she’s like, totally my friend. (Psst. . .umm, it’s YOU.) Dude. xoxo

  5. What a ride, huh? Its been amazing and beyond. And you are right, that moment of toasting another year. I am SOOOO glad we didn’t know then. You are stuck with me my friend. For always. Love you.

  6. What a bittersweet time of the magazine and staff leaving. The sweet part is that there is a shining door waiting for you to open it. Keep in touch with all those friends.

  7. Sending hugs your way.

    It’s been a treat watching you and your art grow and evolve over the years you’ve been involved with PC magazine.

    More hugs. Yep. Lots of them.

  8. You are right, those losing their jobs are hit the hardest. that bites. 😦 luckily, you will all still have each other! you all rock, and will continue to do so.

  9. This is such SAD news, but I have to admit I am one who loved receiving the printed publication vs. viewing it online. All will be truly missed, including you and the other gals who kept us on trend. Thank you for everything ~ it’s been a great ride!

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  11. Teri – You are my favorite Go-To-Gal and I will miss both you and this publication. I was devastated when I first heard this news last week. We are losing the best magazine in the business! Thanks for this post. I Puffy Heart you!

  12. Awww, Chris! You are so kind! I won’t be going away. I’ll still be sharing stuff, making stuff and all that. I just won’t be doing in the magazine anymore.

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