Today’s cards

Hi all!

I’ve got a few cards to share with you today.

Lean in close, friends, because I’m going to keep it real for a minute: I’m still thinking about addressing Christmas cards. Yep. Christmas is next week and I’m still thinking about it. And, by saying thinking about it, I was like, “Yeah. I could probably use a few more cards in my pile to do that.” So that’s what I did. 😉 I raided my DIY Christmas stash (from Simple Stories) and made a couple more cards for the Christmas card stash-a-roo.

This is #1.


This is #2.


And this is #3.

blog_ss_xmas1_teriStanding back and looking at all three of them, I’d have it was fun to mix a bunch of stuff together and see what I came up with. I kinda like how they turned out.

I’ll be back again tomorrow. Hope to see you then.

10 thoughts on “Today’s cards

  1. LIKE the mix and match of these festive, colorful, COOL cards! I just mailed my cards the 17th. I figure if the receiver gets it right after Christmas, it will remind them to keep the spirit of the season in their hearts every day. 😀

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