MFT Summer School: Monochromatic

Hi everyone!

Summer School is still happening over on the My Favorite Things blog.


Today’s lesson is all about monochromatics. Monochromatic is: “Similar saturations and hues with different shades of the same color. Touches of neutrals are OK.

So let me show you the monochromatic card I made inspired by today’s lesson.

Hello You by Teri

So I went with an all blue color-scheme here, opting for various shades. Rather than using all bright blues or all light blues, I kinda went all over the map with dark, bright and light blues.

I kept the use of neutrals to a minimum. If you look that circle in the middle, you can see it still has blue tint to it. I recycled a glassine bag to cut out that circle. (Vellum would have worked too.) So while the bag is neutral, it is transparent so it let some of that blue color pop out.

Hello You card by Teri

Be sure to hit the MFT Blog to learn more about the monochromatic design concept and to see who else was inspired by the lesson to make a project.

And for links to the MFT supplies I used to make this card, check out the list below.


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