Technique Tuesday News + Planner Stamp Set Giveaway

Hi everybody!

Just wanted to share wanted to share with you some Technique Tuesday news. Technique Tuesday just released some new stamp sets I designed with planners (and planner addicts, planner girls, planner fans… you know… the whole shebang) in mind.

This is Planner – Essentials.


This is Planner – Important.


This is Planner – Foodie.


This is Planner – Priority.


These stamp sets are small so you can easily slip them in a bag with your planner. Plus, they are inexpensive, just $5.99.

Just so you can see them in action, here’s a quick  (No FRILLS!!! I put a bad filter on it… sorry!… and did no fancy editing) video for you. Plus, you can hear how dorky I sound in real life. 😉 (Be afraid.)

By the way, I want to share  a backstory about these stamp sets. About a year ago, I designed a planner stamp set for Technique Tuesday. Planner stuff was really emerging. (In fact, I even talked about the emerging Planner Trend on Moxie Fab World back in October.)

The stamp set didn’t end up getting produced, but it definitely served as the base for these stamp sets. It was kind of a bummer, but when I first stamped these stamps, I am so glad TT waited…. and I rethought and re-engineered that first set. I feel like these are so, so much more fun that the first stamp set I designed.

Anyway, I hope you like them too. I think if you aren’t a planner, these stamps might work for you too, especially if you are a scrapbooker or lister.

So I’ve got some blog candy, courtesy of Technique Tuesday! Leave a comment on this post by midnight PST on Wednesday, July 22nd. I’ll pick one of you to score a Planner – Essentials stamp set. I’ll announce the lucky winner on 25th.


Thanks for stopping by, guys! Hope to see you again soon.

23 thoughts on “Technique Tuesday News + Planner Stamp Set Giveaway

  1. What an interesting story and an awesome experience for you so thanks for sharing. The planner stamps in the video are awesome and even tho I do not do a planner you are so spot on how they’d be awesome for scrapbooking. so thanks for the fabulous chance to win the stamps.
    YOU so ROCK!!

  2. I love dorky! Teri this was so cute… sure wish I was into the planner thingy because your sets are fantastic! So if I randomly win it, I promise to pass it on – wait! why can’t I just use them for cards? Duh…
    =] Michele

  3. Great story and you are right on the ball thinking ahead. I have followed you for years in stamp magazines and blogs. I love your work and style.. we are almost neighbors.. (I live SW Washington) I like the idea of the planner stamps. I use a couple of planners – design team blog posts and personal and this would be perfect. The sets look awesome. Thanks for a chance to win..

  4. I think weather then or now it was a fabulous idea.I think in the design you’ve covered everything needed for a planner.Id love to work with these but I don’t have a planner.TIME FOR THE INVESTMENT.IM KEARNS THATS I NEED ONE TO KEEP MY DAY SCHOOLED ON TRACK (HUBBY SAYS I FOR GET EVERYTHING )he exagerates…LOL.

  5. These are super cute! You’ve done a great job thinking of so many different ideas of items we could all use! And the price point makes it affordable for everyone. Planners can be expensive and it’s nice that you made these so reasonable. Thanks!

  6. You rock! You’re always so positive and you create products and projects that are tons of fun! Congratulations on getting these sets created in the way that you are most happy with them and thanks so much for making planning so much more fun!

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