MFT meets Xyron. Xyron meets MFT.

Hi everyone!

So, so excited to get to take part in a special meet-up this week with project designers from Xyron and My Favorite Things.


Creative team members from both companies have been playing this week with products from both companies. To see what the MFT team has been making, check out the MFT blog. (There are three new projects there today!) And to see what the Xyron team has been making, check out their Facebook page.

So let me show you the card I made with Xyron products and My Favorite Things’ clear stamps and steel dies.

Hello You Bubble by Teri

Xyron adhesives have been part of my creative arsenal as long as I can remember. I remember how life changing it was to get my first Sticker Maker. 🙂

I used the 3″ Sticker Maker to adhere the hello word to the speech bubble base. I also used it to adhere the speech bubble to the card. What you maybe not know is that base was cut from foam that I adhered strips of cardstock too. It was awfully bulky. Cool thing the 3″ Sticker Maker could handle it… bulk and all! It didn’t get stuck. Went through like butter!

Hello You Bubble card by Teri

Mostly for decor purposes, I used the Teresa Collins Plier Stapler to add a staple to the speech bubble. I think it could be my new favorite tool. It handled the bulk well. I didn’t feel like I had to force the staple through.

So that’s what I have for you today, friends.

For a list of MFT products I used on this card, check out the list below.


3 thoughts on “MFT meets Xyron. Xyron meets MFT.

  1. Love the color combination. The little pops of color on the grid are so pretty.
    Those sequins are great – the large size is perfect.
    thanks for sharing.

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