MFT Ingenious Inking Challenge: Resistance is Futile

Hi all!

Got a little inky today. 🙂 And  I wanted to share a new card!


This card just happens to made in response to the latest Ingenious Inking challenge with the My Favorite Things Design Team. We were challenged this time to create something cool with resist!

Birthday Star Card by Teri

I created that whole colorful background panel with an embossed resist technique. And I did a little masking too. 😉

The process went a bit like this.

I started out by embossing the Abstract Background Stamp pattern with white embossing powder onto cardstock. Then I set a couple sticky notes onto the panel and gently sponged ink onto it.

Emboss Resist step 1

I removed the sticky notes and got something like this.

Emboss Resist Step 2I pulled out my sticky notes again and partly covered up the inked part. And then I added a couple more sticky notes. And I inked again. I used a different color this time.

Heat Emboss Resist Step 3

I ended up with something like this.

Heat Emboss Resist Step 4

And then I just repeated the sticky note and inking process over and over until my panel was completely covered with ink. It took a little time, but I think it turned out pretty cool!

So I used the panel really as a patterned paper for my card.

It seemed a little plain by just using the paper so I added the sequins and star. It’s a little hard to tell but I did add a little vellum under the star. I felt like it just helped mute the paper a little and made the star stand out a little more.

Birthday Star Card by Teri

So that’s what I have for you today. Be sure to bop over to the MFT Blog to see who else else got inky today.

And be sure to check out the list below for clickable links to products available from MFT that I used to make this card.


Thanks for stopping by today, guys!

5 thoughts on “MFT Ingenious Inking Challenge: Resistance is Futile

  1. Neat card! Like the bold colors and the star with vellum underneath is outstanding! 🙂 I like the emb resist tech and should use it more often.

  2. You ended up with something that is spectacular, Teri!!! Want to know a little secret? I finally bought that blending tool and will try it for the first time today!!! Yah, I know… a wee bit late to the party… so cool.
    =] Michele

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