MFT Summer School: Color Temperature

Hi all!

Summer School wraps up today on the My Favorite Things blog.


Today’s lesson is all about color temperatures, which is:

Color hues to create a mood. Neutral (black, white, brown, gray), Cool (blues, purples, greens), and Warm (reds, yellows, oranges).

I went the cool temperature route for today’s card, pulling in a bunch of blues with a green and purple.

Hi Circles by Teri

I love that even though I used cool colors that this card still has some pop to it because of the combination of colors I used and the design elements.

Imagine how this card would have looked had I used warm colors instead. I imagine reds in place of the blues and a yellow and orange in place of the purple and green.

Hi Circles by Teri

Take it a step further and imagine it in neutral tones with black, white and brown.

Swing by the MFT Blog to see who else was inspired by today’s lesson to share a card.

And check out the list below for clickable links to the MFT products I used to make this card.



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