12 in 12: Day 2


Back again for another installment of 12 in 12 (Christmas cards) with my buddy, Ashley!


Today’s card is started out with a couple green stockings cut with the Stockings dies from Paper Smooches.

Believe Elf by Teri

So I made the two little shoes… and then I got to thinking how fun it would be to make whole elf. So that’s what I did. I pieced together an elf with a couple legs cut from cardstock and washi tape… and then an outfit and hands cut from cardstock.

The little frame and stamped word (also from Paper Smooches) just kinda fit with the overall design.

Believe Elf by Teri

And those sequins? They are from Pretty Pink Posh. Love those Sparkling sequins.

Alright. That’s what I have. Be back tomorrow with Day 3’s results.

Ashley, you are up! Take it away, dude.

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