12 in 12: 7

We meet again!

Another day. Another 12 (Christmas cards) in 12 (days) post. Shazam!


Meet today’s card.

A handmade Christmas card by Teri // terisplace.wordpress,com

I’m starting to feel like Ms. Stashbusters as I work on these cards. I been using a lot of things that have been in my scrapbooking and paper crafts stash for awhile. Feels really good to use that stuff up.

Most everything on this card is from the DIY Christmas collection from Simple Stories.  Yes, that’s their collection from last year. I had just few things left from it. Seemed a pity to not use them.

This card was really built around the green striped paper. It started out without designs between the green lines. You can take a gander at the paper here on the Simple Stories site. See? All not with stuff on it. 🙂 Lovely, but it could be made even more fun. 😉

A handmade Christmas card by Teri // terisplace.wordpress.com

I chopped my piece of “no extra stuff on it” paper up and then decorated it up with strips of other patterned papers in the collection, as well as some stickers and enamel dots. A little bit here. A little bit there. A little bit more until it was all covered up… in an orderly, non-sticker sneeze kind of way. Because a sneeze would be a bummer, you know?!

So that is today’s take on the challenge. Excited to see what Ashley cooked up today.


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