Today’s Not-a-Card Projects

Hi guys!

Got to admit that the crafty mojo has been totally strong lately!  🙂 Got a couple non-card projects to share with you today.

Up first is this little guy!

Mini Pallet Christmas Ornament by Teri//

Kinda fun, right?

I found some little wooden mini pallets at Michaels and was like, “Yeah, man! I’m totally making something with them.” So I did. 🙂

I covered the pallet with patterned paper from the Claus & Co. collection from Simple Stories. And then I took a piece of faux greenery and just formed it into a circle to make the wreath. I added the little bow and glued it to the pallet.

Mini Pallet Christmas Ornament by Teri//

I popped a couple holes in the top of my mini pallet with piercing tool. Added some fresh jute and then slapped on a seasonally appropriate sticker at the bottom (also from Simple Stories’ Claus & Co. collection) and called things good. 🙂

I liked the end results so much that I pretty much did the exact same thing again when I made this second mini pallet ornament.

Mini Pallet Christmas Ornament by Teri//

I just changed it up a little by using a different sticker and some different paper. Kinda cute, right?

So that’s all I have for you today. Be back again later, gators.

PS. I’m up on the Simple Stories blog. Had a couple Winter-themed cards over there yesterday. I’d be tickled if you’d check them out.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Not-a-Card Projects

  1. Oh what fun these decos are! LOVE the hanging. I thought you white-washed the pallet. I was surprised to see it was dp. The wreath and simple burlap bow looks great on it. 🙂

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