14 in 14: 14

Hi all!

Welp! We made it to day 14 of the 14 (love cards) in 14 days challenge with Ashley. That was fast and fun!

14 in 14 Love Cards for Valentine's Day Challenge // terisplace.wordpress.com

Meet card #14.

Xo Hearts card by Teri // terisplace.wordpress.com

I once again whipped out some older stuff from Fancy Pants Designs. All of it from the same collection. All featuring an interesting mixture of soft and sweet designs with super graphic stuff.

Xo Love card by Teri // terisplace.wordpress.com

Once again, I mostly used stickers and paper… with a couple staples for good measure.

Thanks for tuning in these last few days. Hope you have enjoyed the love fest. 🙂 Be sure to hit Ashley’s blog to see her take on the last day of the 14 in 14 challenge.

See you again soon.

One thought on “14 in 14: 14

  1. Thanks for sharing all these cool cards! Glad that you and Ashley were able to create for Valentine’s Day!

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