Today’s card (6-24)

Hi guys!

Just a fun card to share today!

A handmade card for Technique Tuesday by Teri //

Made this one a bit back for Technique Tuesday using the new Phyllis & Finn stamp set and coordinating dies. If you haven’t been by their website lately, be sure to stop on by and check out their Animal House stamps. The Animal House stamps are a cute new collection of stamps launched this year that feature… you guessed it…. animals and other cute critters.

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite things about the Animal House stamps is each critter has a bio. I “personally” (wink wink) know the bio writer. Might even be her. Shhhh. 😉 Here’s the bio for Phyllis and Finn. They are real fitness fin-actics, who love splashing around, you know. 😉

So this little card took a little while to make as it’s a shaker. To add a little twist to my shaker, I cut notches into the panel to bring the string across it. Kinda fun and different.

A handmade card for Technique Tuesday by Teri //

Real, real, real basic coloring here. The fun stuff is the wiggly eyes. Just something about the fun that wiggly eyes adds to a stamped critter. Anyone else out there agree with me?

Alright. This is all I have for you. Be back again later, gators.

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