Today’s cards (9-21)

Hi all!

Just a  couple cards today to share today.  🙂

All of these were made with Avocado Arts’ Stuck on You stamp set.

Meet No. 1.

ImageMeet No. 2.


And meet No. 3.

ImageTo learn more about how they were made, hit the Avocado Arts’ blog. I’m over there, chatting it up!

By the way, I was also over on the blog for Paper Crafts magazine this week! I shared my love for the new Handmade Cards special issue, shared some cool projects from the issue and shared a technique (tutorial-style) I used for a project in the issue! Here’s a sneak peek!

ImageHope you’ll check it out. 🙂

Avocado Arts: Project Share (7-21)

Hi all!

I’m over on the Avocado Arts blog today, sharing a few projects with their Grillin’ and Chillin’ stamp set so I thought I’d share them over here, too!

Meet #1.

Relaxglasses_TeriRelax_Glasses2_teriMeet #2.

RelaxChairs_teriAnd meet #3.

SmileSuits_teriPretty much everything stamped on them is from the Grillin’ and Chillin’ stamp set!

For more scoop on the cards themselves, please hit the Avocado Arts’ blog! 🙂  (I rambled on… a lot… over there! Hee!)

Be back later, friends!


Avocado Arts: Project Share (6-21)

Hi all!

It’s my turn to be the ambassador of sorts today to Avocado Arts and share a few projects with their Are We There Yet? stamp set (and a few other Avocado Arts sets)! Oh, the pressure. 😉

So let’s get started.

Meet #1.

A_613_hereforyou_teriI have a whole lot of love for the set’s camper trailer. There’s just something so cheery and fun about those little trailers!

I created the custom sentiment by mixing together a sentiment from the Are We There Yet? set with the word “you” from the Future’s So Bright set.

Meet #2.


I’m hoping to see a few of my favorite crafty pals in the Fall so I thought this would be fun card to send to one of them.

The suitcase (the same one, just stamped three times) and the “Wish You Were Here!” words are from the Wish You Were Here stamp set.

The “Let’s Get Together Soon” part phrase (from the Zip N By set) is actually part of a larger sentiment stamp. I just put a piece of tape over the words I didn’t want to stamp and inked up my stamp like normal. Before stamping it on the paper, I whisked off the piece of tape. The result: I only stamped part of the words.

And, finally, meet #3.


I was feeling adventurous here and wanted to stamp on wood so that’s what I did. I found a piece of wood paper and then stamped the sign (also from Are We There Yet?) right on top.

The sentiment was created by using a combination of phrases from Are We There Yet? and Hello Friend!

So that’s all I have for today!

Be sure to check out the Avocado Arts blog. The Pit Crew has been sharing projects all month long with the Are We There Yet? stamp set. You can find links to everyone’s projects on the blog!

See you again soon.

Avocado Arts: Projects Share (5-21)

Hi all!

It’s my turn to be an ambassador of sorts for Avocado Arts again so I’ve got a few projects to share!

Here’s #1.


Here’s #2.


And here’s #3.


All of these cards use their Future’s So Bright set. You can check it out here.

It’s definitely a fun, fun set.

And I was really in the mood for making a couple graduation cards while working these up so each has a “you did it” twist!  Excited to have a few graduation cards for some special peeps that don’t really look like the same old, same old graduation card.

Looking for more ideas for the Future’s So Bright set? Well, be sure to check out the Avocado Arts blog. The crew’s been sharing projects all month long with the set. You can find links to everyone there!

Alright, that’s all I have! Be back later, gators!

Avocado Arts: Projects Share (4-21)

Hi all!

So it’s my turn today to be an ambassador of sorts to the good folks from Avocado Arts and share some projects. So, yeah, here I am!  Pressure! 😉

Playing today with the Perfectly Planted stamp set.

So meet card #1.


And meet card #2.



And, finally., say hello to card #3.



Every single ounce of stamping on these was completed with the Perfectly Planted stamp set. It’s just a really good set to get it the mood for Spring with.

To see some more ideas for this stamp set, be sure to check out the Avocado Arts’ blog.  The team’s been sharing all kinds of great projects all month long with the set.

Avocado Arts: Project share (3-30)


Hi all!

Another day. Another card. 🙂

Playing around today again with Avocado Arts’ Spring Medley set. Broke my bunny stamp using habit with this card and used one of the flowers from the set.

I also used Avocado Arts’ digital diecut files to cut the flower out!

I cut the flower out a couple times in pink, yellow and orange cardstocks, stamped on top and then used markers to add another layer of color to the middle of the flowers.


Finished each flower off with a button! Really simple this time, but it’s fun to just do that once-in-awhile.

By the way, I’m not the only one playing with the Spring Medley set today. So are:

And be sure to drop by the Avocado Arts blog, too. It means a lot to them when you do!

Avocado Arts: Project Share (3-15)


Hi all!

Another day, another $10. Ha. Kidding! 😉

In all serious, just another card to share today. Played around again with Avocado Arts’ Spring Medley stamp set.

I can’t resist the set’s cute bunny stamps. They just plain make me smile!

This time, I also used their Spring Medley Digital Die-Cuts files to cut out the bunnies and the “day” word. Made this card that looks a “wee-bit on the side of complicated” come together super quick. Thought that was super nice!


To make the bunnies look a little different, I added pearl noses to some and twine bows to other. Kinda fun!

I cut the grass from strips of green cardstock with my trusty Martha Stewart fringe scissors. By the way, did you know you can find similar scissors online by just looking for paper shredding or shredder scissors?
I’m not the only one playing with Avocado Arts stamps today. This sweet girls are, too!

And be sure to swing on the Avocado Arts blog. They love to hear from good folks. It really does make their day!