Today’s card

Hi guys!

Another day. Another card.


This is another one I made for Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine. It had been scheduled for their March 2015 issue.

I die-cut all those buildings and the rainbow with a couple dies from Paper Smooches. Then I painstakingly (meant in a loving way) pieced the yellow windows into them.

The words are from Simon Says Stamp!… I think. I can’t remember so let’s just go with that. 😉


So that’s all I have today. I’ll be back again later.

Today’s card

Hi all!

Just a card to share today.


Made this one a bit back for an assignment for what would have been the Card to Page column in the June 2015 issue of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking.

I made the card and then Laina was going to make a scrapbook page inspired by it. I was so looking forward to that. Love Laina’s pages!

I dig circles so I went circle crazy, cutting out circles from a piece of Bella Blvd. paper. And that woodgrain paper? Also from Bella Blvd. It makes my heart go pitter patter.


To give the card a little extra personality, I randomly added some embellishments and then die-cut the “hello” word a couple times with a Lawn Fawn die. Fun + happy = works well with Bella Blvd. stuff.

Speaking of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking, Jennifer wrote a post an informative post on Paper Crafts Connection about subscriptions and the end of the magazine. You can check it out here.

I also wrapped up Moxie Fab World with this post here.

A couple things I’d like to say that I didn’t say in the MFW post that I think I’d like to say here. Thank you to my buddies, Lisa and Ashley, who listened as I debated over why or why not to write for Moxie Fab World. And thank you to my Go-to Gal pals, Heather and Kimberly, who both assured me that I could do it. And thank you to Jennifer, who surprised me by approaching me about MFW and just let me do my Teri thing with it, and to Stacy, who helped me so much behind the scenes with support. Taking on a blog (especially one like MFW) requires a lot of work (and a lot of time) that many folks don’t see. It’s a really big commitment to make it happen and having support makes a huge difference.

Also, a big thank you to all of you who joined me over there this last year. We had a great time, didn’t we? 🙂

Alright so that’s all I have today! I’ll be back again later.

By the way, keep checking in. I’ll have a blog candy opportunity in the next couple days or so.

I Hate Goodbyes

Today’s post is a special one. It’s for the editors over at Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine.

(Hi guys!)


Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine is ceasing publication.

The news was announced over a week ago by their publishing company to the magazine contributors who had projects pending for some upcoming issues that will no longer be published. (The last digital issue will be the February issue, while the last printed special issue will be the upcoming photo pocket special issue.)

Obviously, contributors are bummed.

I am too. But I’m bummed mostly for the editors who have worked so hard to bring the magazine to all of us. They are losing their jobs, and that just bites.

I have had a pretty incredible ride as one of the magazine’s Go-to Gals and Contributing Editors, and I’ve gotten to know each of these folks (those who are there and those who moved on) quite well. Each of them are people I respect and admire… and consider to be friends. (Yeah, man. Holly, Stacy, Kerri, Susan and Jennifer, you are NEVER ever getting away. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know where you live. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding, of course… or am I? But I digress.)

I will be forever thankful to each of you editors for the opportunity to be one of the Go-to Gals.

Being a Go-to Gal has been one of those most awesome things I never imagined myself doing. From designing for the magazine to developing classes to helping figure out features (and giving feedback about what did or didn’t work each issue) to teaching (and even putting together some dang videos), it has been great experience.  And, gosh, how about that cruise I got to teach on!!?! Yeah, that was cool.

Thank you, editors, for all of it. You have pushed, challenged and changed me.

I have often stepped back and thought to myself, “I really like these people and really enjoy working with them.”

And so I stayed with it all these years. So there you go.

The card above pretty much describes how I feel about each of you.

Thank you, guys.

And one more thing.

Jennifer, thank you for giving the Go-to Gals another year in our term.

You are right. Our team just clicked. It was the right mix. Laina completed us

While I am sad we won’t get to have another Ed. Board meeting, I’m happy that there were no sad memories to take with us from what was originally supposed to be our last Ed. Board meeting together.

(Hold on for a second. It’s 11 p.m. and I’m feeling a toast coming on.)

“Hooray! No Go-to Gal try-outs! We get to do it another year! YAY!” 😉

So even though that’s not happening now, it’s OK. There are only happy, smile-worthy memories!

By the way, be sure to check out the blogs of the rest of the team:

Until next time. (XO.)

Go-to Gal Designer Challenge: Winnie & Walter

Hi all!

It’s time again for another Designer Challenge with the Go-to Gals.

We’ve challenged each other this time to make something with the fine products from Winnie & Walter.

What’s the deal with these challenges? Well, every so often we challenge each  to make something (really, totally. just for the fun of it) with a specific manufacturer’s products. Sometimes, we all play. Sometimes, we all don’t. That’s OK because it’s all about having fun.

Here’s what I came up with.


I made this using a couple Winnie & Walter stamp sets – The Big, the Bold and Extras and The Big, the Bold and the Happy. One of the things I dig (a lot) is when different products can  be combined and easily used together. And, boy, Winnie & Walter has done an awesome job at making stamp sets that work together.


Pretty much everything here is stamped, other than the frame that I drew with a black pen and, of course, the dots. 😉

So that’s what I have.

I’m anxious to see what the rest of the Go-to-Gal crew has cooked up.

Have a great day, all! Be back again soon.

Go-to Gal Designer Challenge: IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko

Well, well, well, friends! We meet again! It’s time for another challenge with the Go-to Gals.

We’ve challenged each other this time to make something with the fine products from IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko.

What’s the deal with these challenges? Well, every so often we challenge each  to make something (just for the fun of it) with a specific manufacturer’s products. Sometimes, we all play. Sometimes, we all don’t. That’s OK because it’s all about having fun.

So here’s what I made.



I’ve been a Tsukineko ink fan as long as I can remember. In fact, my Tsukineko black ink pads sit on my desk at all times.

For this project, I have been itching to make something with their Radiant Neon ink pads so I challenged myself to use for today’s challenge.

Nothing really super fancy here. I just took some stamps (from Avery Elle), inked them up and then stamped them one after the other. You’ll notice that I left them overlap a little. I love that the ink still pops even with that little overlapping.


Can’t wait to see what the rest of the crew cooked up.

Be back again later, gators!

PS. Who scored the stash of Studio AE stamps mentioned in this post here? Well, that would be JilldHawkins. Jill, I’ve sent you an email! Thanks to all who left comments. I’ll have another giveaway here in the next week or so!

For Betsy…

(Looking for my MFT: Release Rewind post? It’s the one right below this one. You can scroll down or get there by clicking here.)

Just a little something today.

Just a little something for Betsy. 🙂


You might have heard the news.

Betsy (Yes. The Betsy!) is retiring from the world of Go-to Gal’ness.

I’m super happy for Betsy to spread her wings and fly.

But I’m selfishly mourning a little bit. Don’t worry, Bets, I’ll get over it. 😉

We’ve been on this Go-to Gal train for a long time together. And, dang, I’m going to miss you, Betsy.

Sure, all of us know out there that Betsy is this super amazing, talented crafter and designer. I can’t tell you how many times in my real life when I’ve mentioned I do stuff once in awhile for Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine that I’ve had someone say “I just love Betsy Veldman” or “Betsy’s my favorite.” The girl’s got fan girls all over.

Not to mention the number of times I’ve seen seen projects that have been heavily inspired (or just plain duplicated) from Betsy’s body of work. The girl just plain inspires a lot of people!

What you don’t know is Betsy is one of the most humble people I know. She’s nice, genuine and… well… the real deal. Oh yeah, and boy.. she is witty. Is she ever!

Betsy, I’m going to miss you as a Go-to Gal, but I’m happy for you to spread those wings and fly.


Be sure to check out the blogs of the rest of the Go-to Gal crew. (Yes, Betsy. The fun is just getting started. XO.)

Go-to Gal Designer Challenge: Fancy Pants

Hi all!

It’s challenge time yet again with the Go-to Gals.

This time, we challenged each other to make something with some (super duper) fine products from Fancy Pants Designs. We had the opportunity to visit Fancy Pants HQ during our Editorial Board meeting this year. Jodi was so nice, showing off some of their new releases and letting us make a card, giving us the full-tour of Fancy Pants Designs and letting us run a bit wild in the warehouse. 😉 There might have been crazy smiles involved… and giddiness. Lots of giddiness.

Enter Exhibit A (aka: Proof).



Aptly captioned after that fun time: “We got Fancy. Thank you, Fancy Pants. ”

(Yes, thank you, Fancy Pants!)

So I’ve got two projects to share with you. Both were made with lots and lots of Fancy Pants Designs goodness.

This is No. 1.



And this is No. 2. This is just a little gift sack. 😉




Can’t wait to see what the rest of the Go-to Gals have cooked up:

Be back again later, gators!

Thanks for stopping by.

Go-to Gal Designer Challenge: Lawn Fawn

Hello all!

It’s that time again. It’s Go-to Gal challenge time. (Woot!)

What the scoop with these challenges? Simple. It’s a “for fun” thing with the Go-to Gals. Once a month, we challenge each other to make something with a specific manufacturer’s products. Sometimes, we all play. Sometimes, we don’t. But the important thing is this: We are having fun!

We picked Lawn Fawn this month. I have sat at this post for a good hour, trying to put into words how I feel about Lawn Fawn. So much I want to say, but really it comes down to this: I am a fan. I am a fan of Lawn Fawn and a fan of the folks behind Lawn Fawn. Good, I happy products from really awesome people. I love using Lawn Fawn products for that reason.

So here’s what I made.


I guess you could say I went a bit hogwild here using a bunch of different Lawn Fawn products to make this little scene: Hello Sunshiine stamp set; Scripty Hello die; Spring Showers die; Grassy border die and Hello Sunshine Petite Paper Pad.


It was a lot of fun!

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the crew cooked up.

And that’s all for now.

Go-to Gal Designer Challenge: Technique Tuesday (2-26)

Hi all!

It’s challenge time again with the Go-to Gals.

Every so often, we pick a company’s products to work with and then challenge each other to make something with them. The rules are simple: There are none! 😉 Sometimes, we all play. Sometimes, we don’t.

The rest of the gang decided this time to use Technique Tuesday’s products. Majority ruled. 😉 (Kidding.)

So here’s the card I cooked up for the challenge.


It may look clean, but there’s actually quite a bit of stamping. I stamped all the elements, other than the orange dots and black line.

I used four different Technique Tuesday stamp sets: Lots of Dots; Boy Flair by Ali Edwards; I Like You and Loving Words by Ali Edwards.


Can’t wait to see what the rest of the gang cooked up for the challenge:

And pssstttt… be sure to comment on their blogs. I hear some of them might be giving away a prize. 😉

And leave comment here, too. That’s because someone who does will get a small Technique Tuesday stamp surprise. Leave your comment by Feb. 28th, and I’ll pick the lucky winner after that.

Today’s card (2-4)

Hi all!

Me again with a little card to share with you.


It’s one I submitted recently for consideration for publication. It wasn’t selected, but that’s ok. It’s still a dang fine card.

I don’t know if you are aware, but all the Go-to Gals submit like everyone else to Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine. The editors can reject (… or as they like to say “not select” …) our projects with the best of them. A little rejection (or “not selection”) makes you tougher, ya know. 😉

The supplies here are from the SN@P! Him collection from Simple Stories and from Studio Calico (those stars).

So that’s what I have. Be back later, friends!

Hope you are off to a good week!