Hello Mr. Dragonfly


I never knew dragonflies held still for long.

So it was a pleasant surprise today when I came home from walk and found this little guy hanging out by the front door.

Ok, so he was not really little by bug standards. He was HUGE! Like 3 inches long with a wing span a little more than that.

Believe me: I don’t like bugs. I freak out when I see them. Especially when they are close to me.

But this little guy….  well, I didn’t freak. He was just so, so cool. His coloring was amazing.

So I ran in, grabbed a camera and came out. And there he still was.

Turned the flash off and just shot pictures for about 10 minutes. I thought he’d fly off, irritated by my papparazi behavior but he stayed. 🙂

In fact, it was about 20 minutes after I stopped that he fluttered away.

Stamping = Happy Me

HelloBeing Friends

Spent a little time over the past few days stamping.

It just reminds me that I love to stamp and all that is associated with it. Nothing quite like taking something plain and making something fun out of it. Nothing quite like getting a little ink on your fingers. And nothing quite like seeing where creativity takes you.

The pictures are a couple of the quickies I’ve made. Nothing really fancy. Just good ol’, “cause I have the stamp and wanna to play with it” stamping.

All stamps are from Studio G ($1 sets from J’s)by Hampton Arts. Grid paper by Scenic Route Paper Co.

Coming soon: Baby love

One of my cousins and his wife are expecting their first baby in just 4 weeks.

So I attended a big family and friends shower for them this last weekend. It wasn’t exactly the most “photo opportune” event.

But I  grabbed them for a few minutes and did a few special snapshots of just them.  I didn’t plan on doing the heart on the belly shot, but they said they had never done one. So I caved. 😉

Glad I did cause it was one of my favorite pics.