New venture :)

 Some cool news for you.

I am tickled pink to join my friends Robyn, Kristy, Wendy, Natalie, Shellie, Dee, Melissa, Jen, Peggy, Anna and Cari here:

This is a positive place where where you’ll see lots of scrapbooking, card making and crafty ideas to spark your creativity. Not to mention, photography tips and cool techniques. The whole idea is to get creative mojos flowing.

All of us will put up the occasional posts there.

Everyone’s welcome. And everyone is considered friends there.  So please stop on by.

And, just in case you’re wondering, I’ll also continue my own blog here, too.

Cd calendar: Teri-style

I am so inspired by the whole CD calendar trend that is going on right now.

I’ve been collecting these CD cases for the purposes of making calendars for about a year now. I had such lofty plans. But, really, they’ve just been sitting around, collecting dust and waiting for their day in the sun, but I digress.

Seeing what some of my friends have done lately totally inspired me to actually get off my duff and make a calendar.

My take on the trend is clean and simple yet kind of funky.

These two pages here pretty much sum up the whole calendar.

Dec. Calendar page

June Calendar Page

My recipe:

* Cut 12 pieces of cardstock to fit inside the CD case.

* Print calendar. Cut it into montly pieces. Adhere to the cardstock pieces.

* Finish calendar off by adding a couple strips of solid cardstock and a stamped image or two to each calendar page.

Time it took to make: 1 hour. The hardest part was picking out the colors and what stamps to use.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering where I found the calendar, it was here:

Thank you, Calendars that Work! And thank you to my friends for the inspirational kick in the duff. 😉

This bad boy is going to one of my bowling pals for Christmas. Hope she enjoys it.

Have a great day!

Today’s card

As promised, here’s another card I’ve made recently. 😉

The Dee Card 

I’ve been calling it the Dee Card for a couple days. It totally makes me think of my online scrap buddy Dee (and fellow CX retiree), who is all about pink and black.

A couple little secrets about the Dee Card:

* You see the white and black paper on the left hand side? It’s just stamping. I used a little damask clear stamp from KI Memories to do that.

* Those stitched circles really aren’t stitched circles. It’s faux. Serious. The circle stamp is from Hero Arts. I used a really big push pin to randomly poke holes along the stamp marks.

* A couple other tidbits about this card are: the patterned paper is by Rhonna Farrer for Autumn Leaves; the letter stickers from American “oh la la” Crafts; and the flower is from Heidi Swapp. Time it took to make this card: A whoppin’ 20 minutes. Give or take a minute or two. 😉

Have a great evening!

Christmas cards

I never quite have it in me to do all my Christmas cards the same way.

It seems like I always have lofty goals to do the same card 50 times, but I get really bored and jump to some other design after a making a few of my planned mass-produced one.

So, this year, I came up with a bunch of different designs for cards. I’ve shared a few in the last few months. And here are two more, which are… probably… my most mass-produced cards this year.  

This Holiday shopper one is probably my favorite Christmas card of all. The Ric Rac pathway was inspired by a display I saw at a local store (just a darling idea for border stamps), but the rest of the design was all my idea.


The shopper girl is from Savvy Stamps. The sentiment and snowflake are from A Muse Artstamps. The Ric Rac border is from Hero Arts.

I’ve been on the bird kick when it comes to stamping for a bit. I am not really a monster fan of the more realistic bird stamps out there, but I like the more cute-patootie ones with a cartoonish feel. The bird and the joy stamps here are from A Muse Artstamps.


I’ll be back to share another card later in the week.

Happy little candy bags

So I’m on my way out today to a small get-together with crafty friends.

But since it’s “that” time of the year, I felt the need to take  something special yet simple for the girls.

Enter: these happy little candy bags.

I know. I know. 😉 🙂 Candy bags have been done a million times over by stampers and scrappers everywhere.

But, hey, you have to do what you can with what you have. 😉


The bags are from Clear Bags. I added the red and green jelly beans (ala’ Winco) to them.

The toppers started out as a 2 1/2″ x 4″ piece of white cardstock. I folded them half and stamped the house and sentiment on them. The house is from Doodlebug. The sentiment is from A Muse Artstamps. I stapled them up.

I finished ’em up by stamping the scallop (also from A Muse), cutting it out and mounting it over the staples.

One pleasant surprise was the finished bags fit perfectly in a small, white ceramic bread loaf pan. The one I used is like the ones that are always available at the dollar store and M’s around the holidays.

Well, better pack my stuff and head out. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Teri’s super cool discovery

I made the coolest discovery the other day during a marathon paper crafting session.

It is…

drum roll please…

(I am so stoked about this)

…that a cheap dollar store picture frame makes a darn, great wipe board. 🙂

You know, one of those things you can write down messages on with a dry-erase marker and all. 🙂

Let me just say it was pretty much a light bulb moment for me when I realized you could use dry-erase pen to mark on the glass. All you have to do is use a paper towel to wipe it off. Such a simple concept, but it never struck me ’til … well… the light bulb went off…. that glass was a good surface for dry-erase pens.

So, anyway, yeah, I’m all happy. 🙂 I’ve been making these like crazy as fun, little gifts for special folks in my life.

And, for kicks, let me share with you one of my little wipeboard creations:


Here’s how I did it:

* I created an insert to fit inside my dollar store frame.

* I stamped all over the insert with a whole bunch of stamps. (FYI: All stamps here are from Art Declassified).

* I placed the insert back  in the frame.

* I decorated the glass with rub-ons and chipboard. (Letter stickers work great, too. Stamps with Staz-on is good, too).

* Finally, I found a dry-erase pen (again, a dollar store find)… and wooooolah…. the project was good to go.

Anyhooo, I am totally stoked with this discovery. I’ve made a few stamp-y oneslike this. Others, totally paper craft-y like. You’ll have to imagine how those look for now cause I am just not ready to share those. 😉

But, seriously, the possiblities are definitely endless for making these boards with picture frames.

I assure you that I definitely will be doing more of these in the future.

Anyway, yay, for light bulb moments! 🙂