Just stuff (and a card, too)

Before I gab much, just have to say thanks to my friends for thinking of my family over the past few weeks. I can say that everyone appreciates it.

It’s been a bit since I’ve been here.¬†But I am back now. ūüėČ

Lots to share.

First, for your eyes only,¬† here is a little card that I like the results of.¬†I am¬†totally nuts for these three stamps — the hello and owl are from Paper Salon (oh la la) and the¬†rectangle¬†box is from Hero Arts (LOVE IT)! Good stuff all the way around.


Second, if you have any interest in clear stamps, RUN to your nearest newstand. GRAB a copy of the Dec./Jan. issue of Paper Crafts magazine. There is a fanastic article with lots of cool tips for clear stamps. Seriously, dude, I am not kidding you. These are¬†tips that show actual techniques you can do with specifically with clear stamps. Not rubber. Just clear.¬†Woohoo! ¬†Ok, I am a little¬†biased cause I have a few projects and techniques¬†in there, but… seriously… there is good stuff in that feature. I feel like that area has kind of been starved in the past. It’s nice to see techniques highlighted that can only be done with clear.

Third, I am still bowling. I’ll leave it at that. ūüėČ

Fourth, it snowed here today. It melted already, but it’s supposed to freeze overnight. ūüôā I’ve been waiting for this. Long story short: I took a spill on the ice last year, and it kind of became my¬† secret, little mission to find¬†a pair of shoe chains so I could walk on ice and not fall again. After months of searching, I finally found a pair. I am thinking I may actually get to test them out today.¬†¬†YAY! ūüėČ Simple¬†pleasures, I tell ya. ¬†

A bad day

A bad one indeed.

My grandfather (my mom’s pop) passed away this afternoon.

He was a ripe 80 years old and a retired postman.

He loved to¬† cook everything from homemade tomato soup (from scratch) to totally rockin’ peanut brittle.

He loved football, Keno and Reno trips, old “Perry Mason” episodes and photography.

He went to all my school programs when growing up. We played Frogger on Atari. And he even volunteered at my junior high, developing pictures for the yearbook.

I was his first grandchild. He was at the hospital when I was born. I was his only girl grandchild for many years.

A day separated our birthdays on the calendar. We always wished each other a happy birthday on that in between day.

14 months ago,¬†my grandma on my dad’s side passed away. My grandpa had been having health struggles all this time, in all those months since.

I knew his days were limited.


So strange to think¬†he’s gone.

So strange to think he won’t have a story, a joke or something to tell me next time I go to his house.

A few cards

Just a few simple, stamped cards to share today.

These are some seasonal ones for my friends at Powder Sensations. The letters were all stamped with their Clear Cut alpha stamps. The brackets are also their stamps. The doodles are my own designs. I am not so sure the Joy one looks like Christmas bulbs, but that is what I was going for here. ūüôā



And here’s a travel card made with rubber stamps from my buddies at Art Declassified.

The images are Carte Postal (the postcard in the background) and Eiffel Tower from the Paris Ephemera set.


7 things

7 random things

about me,

cause my pal,

Wendy, tagged me. ūüôā

* I once worked for a professional roller hockey team. From doing the PR thing to giving players rides home, I did it all. Totally a fun summer gig!

* I was a state champion public speaker a couple years in a row when I was a teen. (I am totally soft-spoken so it’s a complete shock to learn that to most who know me in my adult life.)

*¬†I’ve been inside a burning building that would be declared — a short time later —- too unsafe for firefighters to enter. ūüėČ

* I totally dislike the taste of fish

* I love hats, but I rarely wear them.

* Pedicures aren’t for me. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I totally hate anyone touching my footsies.

* I like to make up silly, nonsense words.

If you are reading this, I’d love to hear 7 fabulous things about yourself. ūüôā