Winners… winners (11-27)

Without any more delay, I’ve got some winners for the Digital Scrapbooking issues I put on here a bit back.

Randomly selected from my trusty little bowl (filled with paper strips), they are:

Passion8Crafter who said:

As a stay-at-home mom of two little ones, I’m very interested in digital scrapbooking, but don’t know where to start. I have so much paper and tools, that I’m not sure that I can make the switch. Help!!?
Love your cards and I check your blog often! Keep up the beautiful work!

Kristie Larsen

oooh, yes I do want one…. digital scrapbooking is what I need to do since i can’t manage all the supplies.

Carla Pullum

Woule love to win! Always looking for more ideas!


Congrats ladies! I’ll send you an email to get your snail mail.  🙂

And thanks everyone for your interest! I’ll be back (post Turkey) with a card and some 7 random facts (because Torm says to….). 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today’s card (11-22)

Meet today’s card.


Yeah, I got my stamping groove on again. 😉

And I can’t get this color combo out of my head. I really like it.

The images are all from Technique Tuesday. The circles were cut with Quickutz dies.

Anyway, that’s all for today.

But,  if you are at all interested in winning a copy of Digital Scrapbooking, please comment on this post here. I’ve still got three copies to give away.

Have a great weekend!

Today’s card (11-21)

No Frugal Friday today.

 Just a card because I am spending the day officially mourning the cancellation of my beloved “Pushing Daisies” TV show. Sigh.

The card is a simple one with an ounce of technique.


I gave the graph paper a little “oooomph-a-doop” by scoring along the lines. 

The paper is from Scenic Route. The flower is from Tinkering Ink. Those letters were cut the Rockstar alpha die set from Quickutz.

Rest in peace: Ned; Emerson; Olive; Chuck; and the Pie Hole. How I will miss thee.

Be back tomorrow.

DIY Wednesday (9-19)

Yay! It’s DIY Wednesday.

Today’s DIY technique is faux letterpress.

What’s letterpress, you ask? Well, my explanation is really dumbed down, but letterpress is a form of printing. Metal blocks are used to print and imprint beautiful designs onto stationary.  

Walk into any small, hip mom & pop stationary store or cool, indie craft fair and you’ll likely find a ton of letterpress cards and prints.

I pretty much go nuts when I spy letterpress stationary. I love the look so this is my faux way of letterpress’ing it.

To pull off this technique, you are going to need:

* Paper drink coasters or Technique Tiles from Technique Tuesday. I prefer the Technique Tiles because they are a bit thicker, but coasters will work.

* A stamp or 2

* An embossing stylus

* Inks (dye and chalk)

* Some kind of sealer.  I am using car wax as my sealer. Curious as to why? Read on, friends. Read on. 😉


Let’s get started.

First, coat your coaster with two colors of chalk ink.



Let the inks sit a minute or so.

Using dye ink, stamp on the coaster with your image.


Let the coaster sit a minute or so.

Take the small end of your embossing stylus and rub it along the image’s lines. Keep rubbing until the image looks like it has a little texture.


Complete any additional stamping to your coaster.

Next, apply a sealant. I’ve used Glossy Accents. It works.  However, for this project here, I don’t want a glossy finish. Instead, I am using CAR Wax. Believe it or not, it totally works.

Rub the wax onto your tile. Your ink will not bleed with this stuff! 🙂 (It does a little with the Glossy Accents. ) Rub the wax off.


And woolah! The end result is this.  Check out that texture. Oh la la.


Your tile is ready to be used on a project. 🙂

Here are two projects I’ve made with this technique.


The base of this bookmark is a Technique Tile from Technique Tuesday. The nice thing about their tiles is they are a bit thicker so it’s a little easier to get texture with the stylus.


I used a regular old drink coaster for card. It’s the kind of coaster you’d get at a bar. It took a bit more pressure with the stylus. I didn’t get quite as strong of an impression, but it worked.

Anyway, that’s it for today!

Be back again tomorrow.

Today’s card (11-18)

Another day. Another card.


Yes,  my Technique Tuesday clear stamp lovin’ carries on. 🙂

This one is a bit of a peek of a few new images coming soon (really soon) from Technique Tuesday. I have my sources, ya know. 😉

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Thanks for taking a little time out of your day to swing by.

Today’s card and giveaway (11-17)

I’ve got a giveaway and a card today.

First, meet today’s card.


The grid paper is from Scenic Route.

The Santa stamp is from Technique Tuesday’s Holly Jolly Christmas clear stamp set, while the polkies are from their Frayed Ends set. The words are special. They are from a new clear stamp set that is coming soon (very soon) to Technique Tuesday.

Second, let’s talk giveaway.

I had the pleasure of attending a couple scrapbook crops last week. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do that. I forgot just how much fun they can be. I scrapped a bit, laughed much and met some really nice people (and one lady who was a bit grumpy, but I think she was just having a bad day).

Anyway, as a result of that cropping, I ended up with three copies of the October/November 2008 issue of Digital Scrapbooking from CK Media that I want to give you. If you’d like to win one of them, please leave a comment from here for me. I’ll take comments until Nov. 24th and pick three winners on Nov. 25th.

Beware that comments here on WordPress don’t always appear right away. Please don’t worry. I get a message whenever someone leaves a comment. I’ll approve your comment when I see it and it will pop up.


Thanks for taking a little time out of your day to stop by.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

Today’s card (11-14)

Today’s card is not a home run card.

It’s more a “I got to second base and I am OK with that” kind of card.  😉


The stamped images are all from Technique Tuesday.

I went from a nice simple card to a not-so-simple one with one complicated poinsetta.

My work process went something like this:

1. Stamp poinsetta in yellow and red ink. Fuss cause I am “just not sure” with how it looks.

2. Use red pencil to shade the edges of the poinsetta’s leaves. Again, murmer “I am just not sure.”

3. Mumble a few “hmmmmmms.”

4. Grab a bottle of clear glaze (aka: Glossy Accents from Ranger) and attempt to squirt it along the edges of the poinsetta leaves.

5. Discover bottle is clogged. Curse. Grab pin to unclog it. Try again.

6. Let glaze dry overnight.

7. Wake up and look at it, realizing that it still needs something.

8. Apply the “When it doubt, bling it” philosophy. Grab bottle of Stickles and liberally lay it on the leaves.

9. Leave it to dry all morning. All stinkin’ morning.

10. Go back to the card. Look at it and scream, “It’s pink now????!!!”

11.  Come to the realization the card isn’t just pink now but glows. Curse again.

12. Decide that’s it. No more. Walk away from the poinsetta. Call it good.

There’s a reason I favor 5-step cards. This card reminds me of that. 😉

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Today’s layout (11-13)

Rather than a card, I’ve got a layout to share with you today.


Hee hee, the journaling here is meant for a special group of kiddos.  The layout will eventually go in one of their books. 🙂

The ribbons are from Making Memories. The paper is from Scenic Route. The pins are from Heidi Grace.

The picture was taken by me one Spring afternoon. I’m not a professional photographer.  Never will be. But it was fun to try to get some different artsy shots of them one day. 😉

That’s it for now. Be back tomorrow.

Today’s card and a kickin’ discovery (11-12)

Ok. Sing with me today.

“Here, she is……

Miss today’s card……” 😉


All the stamped images are from Art Declassified. The chipboard hearts are from Maya Road.

One cool little discovery I made awhile back was that chipboard (you know, the really ugly old kraft colored stuff) could be beautified with Copic markers. This hearts on this card were really ugly in the beginning. Then, I swished a couple Copic markers over them and ended up with this look.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Be back again tomorrow.

Ps… I forgot to mention that Art Declassified is having a fantastic stamp sale right now. You can get many, many of ADC’s images for at least 50 percent off. No, they aren’t going out of business. ADC’s lovely owner, Karen, is just trying to make some room for new inventory. The catch is you don’t get the CD case or the insert the stamps normally come with when you normally buy them. However you do get each rubber stamp mounted to  EZ Mount.

Anyway, if you are the least bit interested, click here. Your chance of getting ADC stamps that cheap again is rare.

Today’s card (11-11)

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Today’s card is simple, but anything more would be a little too much for my taste.


All the stamp images are from Art Declassified’s military collection of stamps.

To each of you vets and military families out there, thank you.

Hope all of you are having a great day!