Today’s card and layout (9-30)

Since I skipped posting Monday, today’s a two-fer.

First, I present to you today’s card. 

The background paper on the left side was stamped. The ding is from Art Declassified’s Pay Your Dues – Greetings stamp set.

And those hearts? They are chipboard. I colored them with Copic markers. It’s the first time I’ve tried that. A friend of mine mentioned to me awhile back that the markers would work with chipboard. I finally got around to trying it out and am totally pleased with the results.

The forever stamp is also from Art Declassified.

Second, here is a layout. Can’t say it is my best work, but I haven’t shared one here in quite awhile. 🙂

This is from a concert I recently attended. Such a loner. I went all by myself to this one.  Sat in the grass in the outer ozones. It was fun, though. Met some interesting folks. 


Thanks for stopping by. Be back tomorrow.

Today’s card and WCMD giveaway (9-28)

First, meet today’s card.


(eta in Nov. 2008… this little card has been called up. Sorry. I’ll have to bring it back later.)

The house and the words are from Technique Tuesday’s “Home is Where the Heart is” clear stamp set. The graph paper is from Scenic Route, while the rest of the papers are from WorldWin.

Second, how would you like to win a copy of Paper Crafts’ new “Cards, Gifts & More” special issue? The magazine’s team was kind enough to send an issue for me to give away over here in honor of World Card Making Day.

The issue is all about helping readers to step up their card and paper craft designs by adding different techniques, design elements and products to them. It’s a good issue to get your juices stirring. It’s really obvious how some of the designers kicked up their designs. Other are a bit trickier and make it a little bit like trying to solve a “Where’s Waldo?” puzzle.

Leave a comment for me here and I’ll randomly draw a name on Oct. 5, the day after WCMD. Beware that, unfortunately, comments here on WordPress have to be approved before they show up. Don’t fret because I get an email each time someone comments. I’ll make sure your comment shows up just as soon as I see it.

Have a wonderful day! Be back tomorrow.

Frugal Friday (9-26)

For just a minute, imagine me with a Swedish Chef voice.

“It’s Fruuuu-galll Fri-day. Mi’ favorite d-ay.”

Because… well… it is. 🙂

With that, today’s Frugal Friday topic is really just a trick.

Rather than using brads, make faux ones. Simply punch a circle to match the paper you are using. Adhere it on your project. Then, slap on a little clear glaze, such as Dimensional Accents from Plaid or Glossy Accents from Ranger. The end result is something that looks like a brad.

There are a couple nice things about using faux brads.

One is owning 10,000 different brads and not having one that matches the paper you are using is no longer a problem. The other is there are no pointy prongs inside your card.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by! I’ll be back over the weekend.

Today’s card and a WCMD alert…(9-25)

Two things to share today.

First, here is today’s card.

It’s one of those old stuff meets really new stuff projects.

The cool text-y botanical transparency is by Karen Russell for Creative Imaginations.  It is not just old. It’s super old. It’s at least 4 years old, but I still love it.

The patterned papers should come as no surprise to anyone who has been by here lately since I’ve been on a bit of binge with American Crafts’ ever-so-lovely Moda Bella collection. 😉 The letters are from Making Memories.

Second, I want to share with you that World Card Making Day is coming up on Oct. 4th.

About three years ago, the good folks at Paper Crafts magazine came up with the idea of having a day for card makers. Kind of like National Scrapbooking Day, World Card Making Day is a day to celebrate all things good and card-y.

There are many, many ways to celebrate:

1. Go here to the World Card Making Day web site. Check things out. Get some inspiration. Share some cards in the gallery.

2. Visit the web sites of the WCMD sponsors, like Cornish Heritage Farms, American Crafts, Paper Crafts magazine and Gel-a-tins. I noticed AC has a little WCMD inspiration on their blog. Check it out here.

3. Call your local craft store and see if they have something planned. Why not consider having a card bash at your house if there’s nothing planned?

4. Check out your favorite card makers’ blogs to see what they have been up to. There’s a whole WCMD blog tour going on in the days in celebration of the days leading up to Oct. 4.  Check out the list by clicking here.  Also, if you need one more blog to check out on the 4th, go visit my friends at Outta This Funk. I know the gang plans has big plans to post a few cards on World Card Making Day.

5. Send out a handmade card to someone you like and love.  Donate some cards to a cause or person you admire. Last week, I walked into a random school and donated a box of about 100 handmade cards for the teachers to use as they wish. The principal pretty excited, but the best part was the feeling I had afterwards.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with my Swedish Chef voice for Frugal Friday.

DIY Wednesday (9-24)

It seems like most trendy stampers I know are totally freakin’ out over the Copic markers.

And, yep, yep… they really are awesome for coloring. I totally agree.

But did you know you can use them to do weathered resist technique?

First, let me show you a card.

See that heart? Yep, the red one. It was totally created with this Copic marker weathered resist technique I came up with the other night while messing around.

Here’s what you need to pull off this technique: a Copic marker (or 2); cardstock; clear embossing powder; a Versamark watermark ink pad; a heat gun; a wash cloth, and a stamp cleaner in a bottle with a dauber top. The cleaner should have the ability to remove solvent ink, like Staz-on. The one I used here is Easy Duz It Stamp Cleaner from Joy of Stamping by Pacific Products. I’ve been using it a good solid 8 months now. It’s good stuff.

First, stamp your image with watermark ink. I am using a stamp from Stampington that has pretty strong lines. It is good for illustration purposes here because it has really good lines, but…. really… any old stamp is fine.

Coat the image with your clear embossing powder. Heat up the powder 

Let the image cool down for about 1minute.  Then, scribble all over the image and around with a Copic marker.

Now, it’s time for the fun part.

Liberally rub your stamp cleaning dauber all over your image. Let some of that stamp cleaning liquid come out and onto your image.

Now, use a wash cloth remove the marker ink from embossed lines of your image and lap up some of that liquid.

Now, you have a choice, you can let the image dry and then use it like any old stamp image.

 Or you can apply more color to it. If you apply more color, immediately use the stamp cleaner dauber again to remove the ink. Again, use the wash cloth to lap up the liquid.

Note that the image will probably look a bit ugly while it’s drying. But… believe me… the end result will be a lot prettier.

See, this here is what this image looked like as it dried. Ugly, I tell ya. Ugly.

And here’s how this sample looked after the ink dried and I slapped it on a card.  

Anyway, that’s it for today. Hope to see you tomorrow. 🙂

Today’s card (9-23)

The orange and green color combo returns today with a hint of brown.

Meet today’s card.

The Simply the Best stamp is from the Big Mouth set from Technique Tuesday. It’s such a good card making set. And the polka dot border was created with border stamp from Technique Tuesday’s Frayed Ends clear stamp set. The dill is from Stamps by Judith.

The patterned paper is from the Moda Bella collection by American Crafts. Yummers. 😉

Thanks for stopping by. Be back Wednesday with DIY Wednesday.

PS… The concerts were awesome. I am totally feelin’ a happy, content concert buzz now. Life is good. 😉

Today’s card (9-21)

Another day, another card.

The stamps are from Kim Hughes’ collection for Cornish Heritage Farms. Such happy stuff. Sometimes, one just needs to play with happy stuff.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

The stars have aligned, and I’m lucky to be rockin’ out this weekend. 😉

No, no. John Mayer isn’t in town.

Yesterday, I got to see and hear the band who sings “Little of Your Time”and “Won’t Go Home Without You.

And, today, I get to hear a rock band, who penned one of my favorite songs when I was in/or barely out of diapers.

“if the real thing don’t do the trrrr-ick…..
…….you better make up something quickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….”

Gosh. Can’t. Stinkin’. Wait. Last time I saw them, I was a teen-ager. Back then, it was an acoustic concert that was filmed for a video. Yes, the show was great back then, but it was kind of a sham in some ways.  The band took regular make- up breaks. And the first few rows of the audience were all actors who were decked out in suits and stuff. The rest of the theater was filled with pretty normal folks in  T-shirts and casual street clothes. My friend and I waited all afternoon outside the theater for that show just so we could be in the first row of the “real” people. Our efforts weren’t in vain. The back side of our arms appeared in the video…. lol. Still, I have yearned all these years to hear that favorite song live with real screeching vocals and loud electric guitars guitar (and with make-up breaks before or after).

See you tomorrow. I’ll be a much more happy, content girl. 😉

Today’s card (9-20)

No small talk today.

Let’s just get down to business.

Here is today’s card.

There is lots of American Crafts on this one (the paper and white stickers).  The gems are from Doodlebug. The “sugar” sticker is from Colorbok.

Thanks for stopping by. Be back tomorrow.

Today’s card (9-19)

Due to time constraints here in T-ville this week, there is no Frugal Friday today.

I know, hee hee, you are really sad. 😉

But I do have a card for you.

Hmmmm, I just noticed for some reason the green ink looks a little brown here. It really is green. You are just gonna have to trust me today.

The circle background papers were created with a border stamp from Technique Tuesday’s Frayed Ends clear stamp set.

The flowers and the sentiment are also from clear stamp sets by Technique Tuesday.

Be back this weekend.

Today’s card (9-18)

It’s a bit tall.

It’s got a little bit of pink and orange, a bit of blue and a bit of red.

And it’s got a whole lot of white.

It’s today’s card.

The paper and the red sticker are from Me & My Big Ideas. The Delight word is from Colorbok. The scallops are from Doodlebug and Miss Elizabeth’s (aka: the Dollar Tree).

Have a great day!