Lotta stuff


Holy crumbs. See that blue 4U card there? That’s mine. ūüôā I can’t believe my eyes. So many wonderful projects in this issue. So odd to see one of mine on the cover.

You can buy the issue directly from the Paper Crafts gang:


Spent a lot of time in the the past few weeks going through this issue and older issues of magazines I’ve been in. I’ve really let my tear sheet binder go by the wayside so it’s been nice to go through those mags and¬†clear up some of the space they’ve been taking up.

I’ve been extremely lucky¬†over the past few years. ¬†I have had a good run of getting published in magazines like Paper Crafts, Stampers’ Sampler, Take Ten,¬†Cards magazine and more. Believe it or not, I’ve had over 300 items (95 percent of which were cards, tags and paper crafts) published since late 2003. Yeah, I know. ūüėČ It’s surprising to me, too.

I’ve had some friends mention they’d really like to get picked up by the paper crafting mags so I thought I’d share a few tips.¬†

Please, keep in mind as you read this, these are just my thoughts.  I am not an expert. I am just girl who likes to play with paper. And what works for me, may not work for you.

Ok, here we go:

*¬†Make yourself familar with the publications out there. Look at what types of projects they have in them. See if you’re style is represented. See if your projects are about the same skill level.¬†See what they are publishing. What you find, may surprise you.

* Create and submit projects you are proud of. I think too often it’s easy to get caught up in the “gotta get published” game. Rather than quantity, focus on a few quality submissions. It’ll show. Believe me, lol, I have a lot of personal experience on getting caught up in the quantity thing. ūüėČ

* Read calls thoroughly before you submit to them. Make sure your project is applicable. Also make sure in your submission you have provided all the information they would like.

* Be willing to make changes if an editor asks you to.

* Be willing to use products other than ones from the design teams you are on. I think it just helps the magazines see that you are a lot more diverse as a designer. I¬†know there are pubs that don’t pay and using DT products is a way to ensure getting paid. I’ve been there. But when a magazine is paying you, I think¬†it kind of defeats that argument. And, I think it shows, too, in the magazines where people are using products to get paid, especially when they are 3 and 4 times dipping.

* Remember, it’s totally not about you. I can’t say that enough. I think that’s one of the most important things to remember cause¬†I think in the world of scrapbooking it gets lost a lot. It’s about the readers to these publications. They are the very reason these pubs are in business. Projects need to be attainable and interesting to them. If it isn’t that way, there’s no reason for the publication. It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, hope these tips are kind of helpful. They are just what my experiences have taught me. Let me know if you have success… hee hee… or need someone to commiserate with. ūüėČ

Oh yeah, one before I flee, I almost forgot. Two cool things to check out.

CreativeXpress has an amazing sale on Sizzix dies. If you need a die of any sort, now if the time to check they them. They will no longer be selling them after September so dies has been slashed.


And… new stamps. Go to my friends Karen and Vanessa’s blog for their company (Art Declassified) at


They’ve got a whole lot of new stamps out for the summer. Karen has been uploading lots of peeks. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

More cool stuff

A few more CHA peeks are making me happy:

* Marah Johnson’s Rock Star line for CI


Being the concert lover, I am excited to see this line. Nice to see something made specifically for those experiences.

* Karen Russell and everything she’s done for CI (seriously, man)


Oh, Karen Russell, you genius scrapbook designer, you. I might as well just sign up and change my name to “Miss KR fan.”¬†Seriously.¬†You had me with transparencies way back when. Then, you had me again with your Seaside stuff (First time, I’ve ever seen actual stuff that fits the kind of Oregon beaches I am used to). And now all these cool products. Diecut lace. Journaling blocks. And… holy smokes… the paper, the circles. Sigh. I feel like that plump little Cartman guy on South Park, who squeals, “I’m so happy… Oh¬†God, I’m so happy.”

* These coolio rub-ons from Fontwerks


Two of my favorite things in one place Рpolka dots and scallops.

* 7 gypsies journal stamps & the ATC rolling holder


Saw this peek on the Lifetime Moments board. I LOVE the journal stamps. Totally “pant, pant” worthy. And the ATC holder. Forget ATCs. I could see using this for a whole lot of paper craft projects. Brilliant idea.

* Paper House’s new travel papers


Courtesy of my friend, Wendy. ūüôā I think travel stuff is hard to find. Well, good travel stuff. Nice to see this.

* Flair’s year line


I can totally see making some cool Christmas gift albums (the “a page for every month” kind) with this stuff¬†here. Good, simple and just the kind stuff that just comes together.¬†

I’ll share more faves later.

Favorite time of the year

Yay! It’s craft trade show time! It’s seriously one of my favorite times of the year. ūüôā

This time next week some of my favorte crafting buddies will be in Chicago taking in CHA – Summer! What is that you ask?

Well, my friend, it’s only one of the biggest, baddest trade shows for craft business-owners¬† to go to. From beading supplies to paper organizers, there’s a little something of everything.

I don’t have a reason to go (well, a legit reason beyond how fun it would be to go) so I’ll be at the computer, feverishly watching for reports from the shows. Design and color trends, new products and what’s getting buzz. It makes me giddy just thinking of it. ūüôā

Anyway, here’s a few peeks I’ve found so far that just excite me something fierce:

* American Crafts Metropolis paper and new Mini Marks


Holy flippin’ moley! Look at those new letter stickers and that paper.¬†Can’t go wrong with new AC.¬† It’s all good.

* Technique Tuesday’s new Damask, Dog & Pony, Rocket Man and polka dot alpha¬†stamps


Holy crumb-tastic. I love the Damasks stamp set. I had to have the Irony set. And… this set just ranks up there. And those critters and robots. Man, they are cute. I can see making tons of fun, simple cards with them. And the polka dot alpha stamps …. YUM!

* Maya Road’s new stamps¬†


Me likey these stamps a lot. Love the whole icon thing going on right now in graphic design so yeah… these are high on my “like ’em much ” list.

* New Prima papers 


Totally drawn to the greens and the blues here. And true confession: never seen Prima paper first hand. Hopefully, that will change with this release.

* Queen & Co. new felt ribbon


Holy crap. That’s what I am talking about. This is some good stuff.

* Cosmo Cricket’s new¬†Biography 101 line


Not only do the I love the feel of it, but I am stoked to see who designed it.¬†Lynette knows me from my SEI lovin’ days when she was the designer (not just any designer…. but the brains and brawn behind all the cool¬†stuff they did), ¬†and I was the crazy scrap fan who came down to get the new releases.¬†¬†She’s so cool, and¬† I am stoked to see she’s teamed up with her old friend Lindsey and the gang at Cosmo Cricket.

¬†Anyway, that’s it for now. As the next week or so go on, I’ll share more things that have me buzzing.