Teri’s super cool discovery

I made the coolest discovery the other day during a marathon paper crafting session.

It is…

drum roll please…

(I am so stoked about this)

…that a cheap dollar store picture frame makes a darn, great wipe board. 🙂

You know, one of those things you can write down messages on with a dry-erase marker and all. 🙂

Let me just say it was pretty much a light bulb moment for me when I realized you could use dry-erase pen to mark on the glass. All you have to do is use a paper towel to wipe it off. Such a simple concept, but it never struck me ’til … well… the light bulb went off…. that glass was a good surface for dry-erase pens.

So, anyway, yeah, I’m all happy. 🙂 I’ve been making these like crazy as fun, little gifts for special folks in my life.

And, for kicks, let me share with you one of my little wipeboard creations:


Here’s how I did it:

* I created an insert to fit inside my dollar store frame.

* I stamped all over the insert with a whole bunch of stamps. (FYI: All stamps here are from Art Declassified).

* I placed the insert back  in the frame.

* I decorated the glass with rub-ons and chipboard. (Letter stickers work great, too. Stamps with Staz-on is good, too).

* Finally, I found a dry-erase pen (again, a dollar store find)… and wooooolah…. the project was good to go.

Anyhooo, I am totally stoked with this discovery. I’ve made a few stamp-y oneslike this. Others, totally paper craft-y like. You’ll have to imagine how those look for now cause I am just not ready to share those. 😉

But, seriously, the possiblities are definitely endless for making these boards with picture frames.

I assure you that I definitely will be doing more of these in the future.

Anyway, yay, for light bulb moments! 🙂

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