Lawn Fawnatics Challenge 82

Hi, friends!

Just sliding in under the deadline for the latest Lawn Fawnatics Challenge (no. 82).

My friend, Ashley, and I vowed to each other to attempt the challenges way more often as we both dig Lawn Fawn and each have a hefty stash of LF goods. So, in full disclosure mode, let me confess that this card is not my best.

The good thing about challenges is trying something out of your creative comfort zone. The bad thing? Sometimes, you try too hard to make it work and find yourself just going with it. So, yeah, that’s the story of today’s card and this challenge card.

A stamped birthday card by Teri |

Let’s start with what went wrong for me. It was the color combo. I found myself stressing way too much on the color scheme of the challenge and spent way too much time, trying to create the perfect background with Lawn Fawn’s Cloudy stencil.

And things kinda fell about from there as I messed up my inking (this is actually the third background I did, friends) and then got fixated on trying to cover it up. Way more  fixated on trying to cover it up than the  actual cute birthday scene with the Hay There critters.


So rather than talk about it falling apart and not coming together perfectly, let’s just say I trudged on, trying to make the best of it and ended up with this card. Not the best for me, but not the worst. Just not what I really planned on. And that really is how it goes sometimes.

Onto the next challenge. 😉

Thanks for stopping by, friends. I’ll be back again later.

3 thoughts on “Lawn Fawnatics Challenge 82

  1. In my opinion, you have made a brilliant card! This little scene is so cute and a really great inspiration for me. I love your creative genius. (Trudge on, friend.)

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