ThingsCrafted Grand Opening Blog Hop!

Hi all!
Totally geeked out to blog hopping today with some of my favorite friends in honor of the opening of ThingsCrafted.
You should be arriving here from my buddy Kathy Racoosin’s blog. If you’re just joining us on the blog hop, you can head over here to the ThingsCrafted blog to start from the beginning!
A little background on ThingsCrafted: ThingsCrafted is a place where handmade design and customization come together to create a wonderful company who creates and encourages color, personality and community. ThingsCrafted was founded by Britta Swiderski, a designer with a background in the world of papercrafting and a history of working with awesome graphic design clients. ThingsCrafted provides custom products – starting with stamps – to suit your lifestyle all starting with handwritten designs. They all go from pencil to computer to your doorstep! We love to create stamps and designs for addresses, “made by”s for the projects you send to others, favorite phrases or shapes for project life and planner organization and so much more.
So I was lucky to get try out ThingsCrafted’s customized stamp. I decided to have a somewhat sassy stamp (medium rectangle sized) I could use on my pocket pages.
So here’s the stamp and a few journaling cards I made with it that I’ll eventually slide into the those pages.
Totally dig that mixture of different elements. Britta did such a good job bringing things together. This stamp is just plain fun and it’s a great size for my pocket pages!
 The other thing is I don’t feel like this is a “one stamping and done” stamp. I feel like it’s versatile enough that I’m going to be able to use it over and over. For a different look, I can change out how I color and/or highlight the words.
ThingsCrafted also offers some pre-designed stamps for those that want to try something new and handmade but don’t have a particular need for a custom stamp.
I used a couple of them to put this card together: Solid Banner and Happy.
While I used these on a card this time, I’ll use them on a scrapbook page in the future!
So thank you so very much for stopping by today. Before you go – make sure to leave a comment on this post and each one along the hop to enter to win a custom stamp! One will be given away at each stop along the hop. We’ll be getting in touch with you via email, so make sure you add your email to your comment! We’ll be drawing winners on Tuesday, the 25th of November, so be sure to leave a comment by then.
And wait! There’s also a special treat for everyone in the blog hop – 15% off your order until Tuesday, November 25th using the code GRAND15OFF as part of the Grand Opening event!
The next stop on the ThingsCrafted blog hop is sweet Jennifer McGuire.
Happy blog hopping, friends! Thanks for stopping by today!

209 thoughts on “ThingsCrafted Grand Opening Blog Hop!

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  2. COOL custom stamp! Love it! I am thrilled for Britta! I started following her yrs ago when she was a freshman or sophomore in college. At that time she was not “officially” affiliated with any particular stamp company. A couple yrs into it, I moved. My my internet service somehow messed up my email acct and on top of that, my computer went haywire, I lost lots of info, contacts and feeds to blogs I had followed. Hers was one. With so much going on, there were many blogs i never “re-subscribe” to, including Britta’s. I am delighted to know she is opening a crafty company. I look forward to popping over to see what it’s all about. So glad I read your blog or I may never have known. THANKS much! 🙂

  3. Very nice custom stamp. I liked how you used the stamp in different ways just by coloring and/or cutting the words out. I have learned something new. Thanks.

  4. HOW FUN!!! Your custom stamps look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I can SEE they can be used in different ways quite easily—- Even a different color for each word on your one stamp! TOO FUN!!!!!!!! FABULOUS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. Love the different fonts on your new stamp, I can see it being used in lots of different ways. Britta’s new company is awesome.

  6. Love your creations. The colors are fantastic. Love how you used the different colored strips of paper, have to remember that.

  7. Fun stamp sentiment and can see how versatile this can be with the journaling cards you created and mix of colors…cute!

  8. Lovely cards! I love you’re new stamp. Great saying. I really love stamps with the font opened so you can color inbetween them. Great concept to be able to create you’re own stamps.

  9. Britta’s new business venture is going to be a success if the projects I’ve seen on the hop so far (all 3 of them, so I’m definitely impressed and looking forward to the rest of the stops) are any indication. The sentiment you chose is a great example of what a wonderful idea having a custom stamp is. Nicely done–and fun–as always.
    lucyschmidt1402 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. super cute stamp, love the way you changed it up with the variety of colors and mixed in the different papers

  11. You are Sooo generous …with your work, with your talent, with your giving nature, and with an opportunity to grow as an artist using your supplies…BLESSINGS…..BEAUTIFUL, simply BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Love all the different
    ways you used this
    stamp by coloring or
    cutting the papers!
    Great ideas.
    Carla from Utah

  13. Wow, its awesome to see you come up with so many darling stamping with just one stamp! Britta creates the cutest stamps!! TFS! And thanks for a chance to win one of the adorable stamps.
    lstrack2012 at gmail dot com

  14. Love the cards and I really love that stamp. I love wood mounted stamps! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win a stamp of my own. Love ya’ Patricia B

  15. I really like your birthday card that you created with your new stamp. I need to make a little stamp to go on the back of my cards. I will check out their website and see what I come up with! Thanks.

  16. Haha the ‘the most amazing ever’ stamp made me laugh!! What an adorable idea and I love the tags you’ve created with it for your project life book!! The font is great, the stamp simple and the way you’ve used the stamp just amazing!! These new custom made stamps are simply perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  17. I love your custom designed stamped cards. You are right, that sentiment can be used in lots of ways and your cards are bright and cheerful!

  18. What a fun stamp Britta made for you! I’m so glad to hear about her new venture. Thanks for being such a creative part of that.

  19. I love the font on those stamps. Great projects, I like how you can add colours to the first stamp for a different look.

  20. love the simple layers and cutting out the “happy”…no mention of a die, but certainly simple to do. Awesome!

  21. Congrats Britta! I first heard of her when she interned at Lawn Fawn! So excited she is opening her own company. Good luck! 🙂

  22. Love the stamps!! I really like the “amazing” one. Could so see it on a thank-you card. So exciting to have a new company to drool over!

  23. I wish Things Crafted great success. Looks like it will be with the cute crafty stamps and great blog supporters. Love the diversity you did with this sentiment.

  24. just love how large in size these words are – a statement in themselves! All look awesome so far – woo hoo!!!!!

  25. SUPER COOL and SERIOUSLY AWESOME custom stamp Teri 🙂
    LOVE how you have shared so many different ways to use it too – that is an important thing to consideration when designing your very own – THANK YOU for sharing!!!
    LOVE your CHEERY card too!!!
    moloneyat {{{at}}} bigpond {{{dot}}} com

  26. Great card, Teri, and love your custom stamp! You always come up with such awesome card designs and different ways to use the same stamps. Love it!

  27. So glad to see Britta’s new company and line! I love the fun and fresh ideas these stamps provide. wonderful

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