Tooling Around: Crimpers pt. 2

Hi all!

I’m on Paper Crafts Connection again today, talking about paper crimpers.

I want to share a few bonus projects here again today that I created with my trusty crimper.

Meet #1.

I used the crimper two ways here. I put my background paper through it. I only partly crimped the paper, crimping it on the sides. I also crimped the fabric border stickers.

Meet #2.

I crimped a variety of surfaces here: paper; chipboard and even fabric.The biggest trick with fabric is to remember to adhere it to paper first. Then, run it through the crimper. I used a really strong sticky tape to adhere my strip of blue fabric to paper before I crimped it.

Meet #3.

Here, I gave the foam number stickers a real subtle texture with my crimper. I left the stickers attached to the sticker backing sheet they came with when I ran them through the crimper. For added texture, I crimped them both horizontally and vertically.

Be sure to hit Paper Crafts Connection to see my how-to on how to use a crimper. You’ll also get a peek at these projects.

You are also going to want to comment on the Paper Crafts Connection post because there is a crimper up for grabs there today, too. 😉

That’s all for now. Be back later.

18 thoughts on “Tooling Around: Crimpers pt. 2

  1. Your cards are all Teri-fic and totally fabulous.

    They’re timely too as one of my daughter’s bff’s gifted me with a pile of unloved crafty stuff, including a crimper!

  2. Hi Teri, I can’t explain how much you inspire me. I think you are so talented!
    Your use of the crimper is a great idea. I use mine quite a bit, and I’m sure so many card makers haven’t even used one, so good for you for introducing it.

  3. Hi, Teri – Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas and tutorials (crimper and Sew Easy, which I own but hadn’t used yet)! I really had never thought about a crimper but now I’m intrigued. I really appreciate the detailed photos and clear instructions you provide, not to mention the awesome inspiration!

  4. Thanks for these ideas. I have that crimper and have only used it on the sour cream containers. Your blog is full of inspiration.

  5. Love the cards you made and your ideas you gave us!! The crimper was my first tool I bought 17 years ago when I started making cards, and it has been forgotten with all the newer things I’ve purchased: time to bring it out and try it with the wonderful ideas you gave us. Thanks!! You’re a really talented designer: I’ve always enjoyed your creations!!

  6. I like using my crimper, but every time I use it, the paper runs through crooked. I’ve tried putting it in straight and starting it on a slight diagonal but nothing works. How do you get the paper to go through straight?

  7. Great ideas using the “oldie but goodie” paper crimper!!! Such a classic tool!! Love the crimped fabric!

  8. beautiful post. love all the crimping you shared….I forget about this tool, think I need to dust mine off. thanks for sharing!

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