MFT Countdown: 4

We meet again, y’all!

It’s another day of September Release countdown action with the My Favorite Things crew. If you are just turning in, the new release lands at MFT on the 16th. And for the next few days, I’ll be joining the crew with sharing some projects made with some of the new stuff.


Gosh, guys. Somehow I feel like we are just getting started!

Deep breath. Let’s do this. Let’s get to business.

Meet card #1.



And meet card #2.



For both of these cards, I totally used a stencil! In fact, I used the new Diagonal Bars stencil (arrives at MFT on 9/16).

Here’s what I did.

I started with a panel of cardstock. You’ll notice that I put a little tape on the paper and the stencil to hold it down.

Now I wanted my stencil pattern to be at an angle so I set it down at a bit of an angle.


And then I just sponged on ink. The rule I generally follow when it comes to applying multiple ink colors is to start out with the lightest color and then work my way up to the darkest. So, in this case, I went yellow to orange to blue.


When I lifted the stencil, I got this cool looking pattern. Sorta. Kinda. Love it. (A lot.)

Here’s a complete list of MFT supplies I used on today’s cards:

Here’s a complete list of all the MFT supplies I used on these cards:

So that’s a wrap… for today.

Be sure to hit the MFT blog to see who else is sharing projects today.

And I’ll be back (again) tomorrow. I hope to see you then.

25 thoughts on “MFT Countdown: 4

  1. Enjoyed meeting Card #1 and #2. Hee! Great colors, LOVE that stencil. Like the way you layered the sentiment, adds so much compared to a single cut laying flat. 🙂

  2. Teri!!! You just inspired a great idea… cannot wait to get the Proof positive – would that not make the most perfect jigsaw puzzle? Thank you!!!
    =] Michele

  3. A tiny push here, a tweak there, and you’ve changed up that background on the tilt, and I love it. Such a simple thing to do, but I didn’t think of it until I saw yours. Isn’t that a wonderful background? Super job Teri.

  4. Awesome colors on your cards!! I love thank you sets, you can never have enough. Love how you combined with the stencil.

  5. Wow! Wonderful colors on both cards! I love the shadowing THANKS in another paper color on the first card. So fun punching out a few of the die cuts on the bg die cut too!

  6. Fantastic design and color choices. It is amazing how just a slanted pattern makes such a big difference. Very cool. I love a lot too.

  7. Teri, love your technique with the stencil, thanks for the sponging how to — I swear I was wondering how small your brayer was! Even the best of us need a photo every now and then, sometimes “ze leetle grey cells, ze are not working so well” (my friend Hercule Poirot stopped by).

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