Giveaway Time

Calling one. Calling all.

I’ve got some slightly used stamps that are desperately in need of a good home, and I’d like to give them to one of you.

As you may have heard, Technique Tuesday and Ali Edwards recently ended their business relationship. Technique Tuesday ended the Studio AE program  and launched two brand new monthly auto-ship programs –  Memory Keepers Studio  (stamps) and Fresh Cut Studio (steel dies). And Ali  is launching a new venture too.

I have loved working with Ali’s stamps. But in order to keep my TT stash of stamps manageable, I went through my stash and pulled out a few of  my Studio AE sets to give away today. (Most of these stamps are no longer available… and those that are, won’t be for long. Technique Tuesday is no longer manufacturing any Ali stamps.)

I’m hoping one of you will give these stamps the crafty love they deserve. (And… ok… before anyone gasps…. don’t worry! I’m not getting rid of all my Ali stamps! I’ve still got tons more in my stash, but I haven’t used these ones in awhile so I felt it was a good time to pass them onto someone who will use them. 🙂 )


So here’s what is in the stash:

Please note that I used all of these stamps to create sample projects  for the Studio AE program for Technique Tuesday. These stamps have been all been used. Some sets were inked up more than others. A couple of these stamps are early versions of the stamp sets so they lack printing on the packaging. Most of these stamps were available for only a very limited time.

And here’s a little extra fine print.  My only request is that whoever wins these stamps not sell them. If  you won’t use any of these stamps or they are duplicates of stamps you own, please just pass them onto a crafty friend or two. Please share the love.

So if you are still interested, please leave a comment on my post by midnight EST on Tuesday (the 8/26). I’ll pick one of you to score the goods. Yes, the winner will get all nine stamp sets. (And please note  the winner must take them all. No exceptions. Sorry. )

Good luck!

114 thoughts on “Giveaway Time

  1. Hi Teri — I would be happy to give these stamps a good home. I’d feed them, play with them and let them out as often as needed. Thanks.

  2. Hi Teri,
    This stamps would be very happy here in sunny Hawaii. I’m helping some friends with card making and those would be a greatly appreciated 🙂

  3. I would be honoured to adopt these stamps and give them a new home. Rest assured the ones I won’t need will be donated as “mom” gifts for my FB Page: GoodTidings4U. It is my 10th year doing this and donations are greatly needed

  4. I would be happy to get these little beauties!! I promise to use and cherish them, and not sell them! (what a horrid thought! lol)
    Fingers are crossed that I am the lucky gal! Thanks!

  5. I have wanted the ‘Hello Routine’ stamp FOREVER, and never been able to find a set (not even on that well known buy & sell site!!) I would be ecstatically happy to win just that one 🙂 Crossing everything!

  6. Wow!!! This is an awesome giveaway!! I would love to give these stamps a great home!! They would defjnitely be used!! Thank you for the chance!

  7. Thanks Teri – We have a loving home here in the midwest for your stamps 🙂 I would give one set to my little girl (5) who started stamping yesterday – Its the first thing I have found that has kept her calm. (no meltdowns!)

  8. I’d love to give these stamps a good home Teri – thanks for the chance to win 😉 You can be assured they’d get a fab new secondlife here with me, and see more years of happy service in this stampy home!! Rx

  9. oh my this is awesome.. I am a big fan of TT and Ali Edwards.. I would love.. care.. and create cuteness with these..(no way would I sell them) Thanks for the chance to win.. yay

  10. Awesome for you to share, Teri! I’ve only been stamping for a little over a year & haven’t a huge stash of stamps. My daughter has begun to stamp, too, so I would love to share these with her! Thanks for the opportunity & especially for your heart of sharing these stamps & all of your inspiration.

  11. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance. I haven’t been stamping for long and just discovered all these wonderful designers. Love Ali’s new site but haven’t had a chance to get some of her TT stamps. 😀

  12. I promise to love the sentiments and fonts. I love Ali Edwards stamps! I hope play time is in my future. Thanks!

  13. These look like fun stamps! I can think of many fun projects to use them on. Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway!

  14. So sweet of you to share…and I LOVE that you requested no selling them 🙂 My girlfriends and I always trade our stash….we could never sell any of it! Have a great weekend!

  15. Oooh…thanks for the opportunity Teri! I’m not afraid of some pre-inked stamps…they are more special that way!! You are awesome…

  16. I would love them. ♡ I love stamps but couldn’t afford to buy any of yours either. Even if I don’t win I hope they go to a wonderful home!
    P.S. I love everything u do!

  17. I would love to add these to my stash and give them some TLC. They would be a great addition to the stamps I own. Thanks for offering them in a giveaway. You are a very creative and I love your cards.

  18. Teri, I was just thinking that I am sick of my old stamps, and have no extra cash to invest in new ones. Serendipity? I sure hope so! Thank you for your generous spirit.

  19. What a great opportunity to give some great stamps a home! I promise to give them ink, paper and embellishments as they speak to me. 🙂 And I would never sell them!

  20. This is AWESOME! I love the TT Ali stamps! These would fill out my collection nicely & if I win I’ll share the Hello Routine stamp with Sarah Lovell who entered above, since she REALLY wants it & I have it already!!! Thank for the fun contest!! 😀💖🍀

  21. Wow, these would be great to add to my stash. Love TT and Ali’s stamps and have a few sets already. Pre-used = Pre-loved. thanks

  22. I would love some Ali E stamps, love the handwritten style and enjoy all your IG posts, too! Thanks for offering the chance to play with these fun stamps!

  23. Howdy, Miss Teri!!! Rest assured I’d give these stamps a good home…and I would NEVER sell them….they’d get used with the greatest of love….THANKS for the chance to win. You ooze with awesomeness!!!!

  24. I would love to have these stamps. They would get alot of love from me. Thanks for the chance to win.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  25. Omgosh! Pick me! Pick me! I would love & use! I promise to love each one & would never consider selling them (didn’t even enter my mind but I suppose dome people would do that 😦 )

    Thank you for this opportunity 💜

  26. What a nice thing to do Teri. Ali Edward stamps are wonderful. Thanks for the chance to score some more to add to my stash.

  27. Hi Teri! Thought I’d toss my hat into the ring for a chance to win these cool stamps. You are a generous person! I enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  28. What a wonderful thing to do. Would love to get these to share with my Cheermaker friends from church. We do lots of cards for various needs. Thanks for offering to share these.

  29. I’d love to have ALL of the Ali Edwards stamp sets for KEEPS. I don’t even have ONE (of her signatures) of ’em. TIA 😉

  30. What a great Givaway. I love that you are so generous and want others to be generous too! That shows your big heart! I hope if I win that I can create something as great as what you create. Everytime I look at your blog I know I’m going to see some of the greatest cards I’ve ever seen. Your work is truly amazing!

  31. I’m definitely interested! I have a few Ali/TT sets, but because of budget, I never joined the monthly membership program. Technique Tuesday stamps are always great quality, and Ali has wonderful, creative designs!
    Thanks for being so generous, and no worries – if I were lucky enough to win, I’d use those sets, or I’d pass them on to another stamp-lover/crafty person. Thanks for sending out the crafty love! 🙂

  32. My daughter and I just started doing crafts and we sure could use some stamps because we only have 2 right now. Thank You for the chance.

  33. What a lovely give a way! It is so nice of you to spread the wealth of your treasures! Would be proud to use these all the way up here in Alaska.

  34. It makes me kind of sad that TT and Ali have split up. I loved the fact that she was with someone that kept their stamps and treasures well priced, plus the quality was fantastic. I hope it was an amicable “uncoupling” (haha, couldn’t resist!). Anyway I have a fabulous home for your loved stamps! As a single momma, I could only afford some of the amazing treasures out there, and my only Ali stamp is a Christmas one!

  35. Wow, Teri, this is uber generous of you! If I were the winner,
    I’d happily give these stamps a home as they would fill in gaps in my collection.

  36. Thanks so much for sharing! Ali created some wonderful stamps and as a scrapbooker, I know they are great for much of my work of heart! Thanks so much for the chance to give them a new home!

  37. Oh my goodness…what a treat to have a chance to win crafty goodness! I don’t have any of these stamps (gasp…I love Ali and TT) I would love to give them a good home! Thanks so much!

  38. C est vraiment généreux de ta part.merci pour cette chance.en France on aime quand beaucoup les tampons écrits en anglais. Alison

  39. Thanks for this great giveaway! It’s so kind of you!
    I admire your request to not sell the stamps (who would want to!) My mom is a school teacher, so whenever I need to de-stash products I don’t use often I pass them on to her. You should see how excited the kids in her classroom are to use stamps! They love them! She has her kids make cards for sick classmates, birthdays, etc.

  40. What a treat it would be to add these to my collection of beloved “toys”. I’d be honored to give them a home they deserve and will think of you each time I get them out to play:)


  41. Hello Teri, so nice and generous of you! thank you for the opportunity to have some of your wonderful stamps 🙂 Hope you can send international, I live in Spain. Have a wonderful day!

  42. Anything that even refers to summer time needs to be in my stash of stamps. I don’t have any of these and I’d be honored to adopt them and give them a forever home. So I’m tossing my name in the hat! Pick me please!!

  43. Hi Teri this is Brooke saying hello from HK. I was looking for some inspirations on how to get started as I am totally a novice to scrapbooking and then I come across your blog through Pinterest. I keep saying “wow… You can do that?” “Oh wow…….I didn’t know” “oh this is really beautiful, I wish I could do something like that too.” I hope that I can have the luxury to have these stamps to help me with recording my precious encounters in life. But if I don’t get chosen, please take note that you are a huge inspiration and thank you for all that you do in this blog.

    Hugs and kisses,

  44. Wow, super sweet and generous offer! Thank you for the opportunity:-) I am mostly a layout scrapper who has recently ventured into cards so my stamp stash is very very limited, but I am working on that! Not a chance of selling these babies if they come to me, but they would definitely be shared at one of my monthly crops:-)

  45. OMGosh how I would LOVE to take those off your hands and give them a good home. I would definitely use them or share any duplicates with a friend. Thanks for the chance to give them some more love.
    Crafty hugs,

  46. I would LOVE to play with those stamps!! Toasty Texas would be a wonderful new home for them!
    Congratulations to whoever wins them! They look awesome!

  47. Are you kidding me – the fact that you actually used these stamps makes them practically priceless!!! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome stamps!

  48. Thanks for this great opportunity to win some awesome stamps. I love your website and the stamping that you do. These stamps would be put to good use.

  49. Holy catmandoo Batman! This is an awesomely generous giveaway Teri! I went into a panic when I read the TT/Ali news awhile back bc there are still dozens of sets I *need* and the few I have (worn out) will be sadly considered “retired” now :(. Alas! Sunny skies ahead! Thanks for the sa-weet chance! 😉

  50. Ooops, I missed your deadline by a few hrs but wanted to say what a nice, generous thing to do. The winner will certainly have some terrific stamps to add to their collection. 🙂

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